def dev_learn_ops(engineer, blog):
    """ a blog for engineers made by engineers """
    articles = blog.articles
    devops_engineer = engineer.deepcopy()
    while articles.has_more():
        devops_engineer.sleep(8 * 3600)

    return devops_engineer

Recent Posts

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Orchestrating Advanced Experiments with ChaosToolkit and Terraform

Learn how to use the chaostoolkit-terraform extension to create advanced chaos experiments that require supporting infrastructure resources.
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How to Implement Safeguards and Run Chaos Experiments Safely

Experimenting in production has the potential to cause unnecessary customer pain. In this article, we’ll learn how to use safeguards in Chaos Toolkit to immediately interrupt an experiment execution before it seriously affects the target system.
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Upload All Chaos Toolkit Journals To S3 Using Global Controls

In this article, we learn how to apply Chaos Toolkit controls globally for all our experiments using config files and upload execution journals to an S3 bucket.
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Mastering ChaosToolkit Experiment Configuration: A Comprehensive Guide

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ChaosToolkit Steady-State Verification Strategies Explained

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A Guide To Probe Tolerances In ChaosToolkit Experiment Verifications

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Your First Chaos Engineering Experiment With ChaosToolkit

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Install Software Packages in Alpine-Based Containers

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