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Chaos Starter Pack for AWS is a comprehensive library of experiments designed to help you get started with Chaos Engineering and gain confidence on your system's reliability.

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Start experimenting on your system in hours, not weeks

Designing and orchestrating a chaos experiment is not an easy task and can take a long time if you're just getting started. We've ironed out the details so you can focus on what's important

Based on a popular OpenSource framework

ChaosToolkit is an amazing platform for creating and running chaos experiments with lots of additional addons and a vibrant community

Created with automation in mind

Not just a templates collection. Chaos Starter Pack provides a framework to create and automate experiments execution using native AWS tools

Includes an enterprise-like application to experiment on

Can't afford downtime or failures? We understand.
Chaos Starter Pack for AWS includes an enterprise-like application you can deploy to any AWS account with Terraform. Use it to see your experiments in action before running them in your environments.

10+ ready-to-use experiments to help you get started

Creating that first experiment is the hardest part. Browse the collection to find new ideas for experimenting with your system!

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