Hello! My name is Manuel and welcome to DevLearnOps 🚀

DevLearnOps helps developers explore the world of DevOps engineering and learn about many different topics and technologies one article at a time.

About Myself

I’m a software engineer by trade and a few years ago I found my passion for Linux, automation and cloud engineering so I decided to learn some new skills and became a DevOps and systems engineer.

I hope this blog can help any fellow developer interested in learning this fantastic trade and help them transition to their dream job, or simply stay on top of new technologies.

Today, I work full time as a Chaos Engineer and in my spare time I like collaborating in cool OpenSource projects like ChaosToolkit, blog about DevOps and studying the fascinating world of Machine Learning.

Chaos Engineering

I spend large part of the day designing and running Chaos experiments against cloud applications to find new ways of building stable and reliable systems.

If you’re interested in this topic, here at DevLearnOps we’re working on a Chaos Engineering Starter Pack for AWS to help teams implement chaos engineering practices using OpenSource tools. Find out more in the Chaos Engineering section of the blog.

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You’ve been following my work on DevLearnOps and you found the content helpful? There’s plenty more where it came from!

You can rent my brain to help you and your team write code, deploy applications in the cloud, setup your projects, train your engineers and more.

Here’s a Few Things I Can Help With

  • Manage your cloud infrastructure with automations (using Go, Python, Java, and more)
  • Implement Chaos Engineering using popular Open Source frameworks
  • Streamline application deployments using (Docker, IaC, CI, etc)
  • Train you or your team on how to use the above technologies

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