As the “100 Days of …” is very popular these days I’ve decided to give it a try too. I’ve been itching to learn more about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence because I’ve tried many times to start a project before but failed because I couldn’t create anything significant. So maybe by committing 100 days to this project I will actually learn something useful this time.

The Project Idea

What I would like to work on for this project is a Generative Model for educational purposes.

In the past I have been working on a chatbot API for microlearning. Essentially just a simple bot that I loaded with different questions about topics I was interested in learning more of and I could interact with at any time. With this #100days project I want to take that to a whole new level.

Generative ML Models

In preparation for my 100 days of ML I’ve been researching online to find ideas on how I could improve my educational chatbot. One particular type of machine learning models piqued my interest.

Using generative models is possible to “teach” a machine to generate content like a human being. Of course such a model is still an algorithm so it will hardly be creative but I think there’s a lot of potential.

I will use my 100 days to try train one or more models to have them summarise long manual pages and automatically extract questions and answers from the content.

So excited to start with this project even though I don’t have any machine learning experience, and I’m pushing myself well outside my comfort zone. Wish me luck!